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Laptop Repairs

Laptops are a fantastic machine, highly portable due to their lightness and easy to work on but they break easily due to some of those characteristics and getting knocked and banged around. Screens are now super thin and fragile, knock a laptop when it is on and you can damage the hard drive.

Computer Repairs

The desktop computer was supposed to be killed off with the advent of tablets and smart phones but this has not been the case. whilst tablets and smartphones have some great uses people have found that they are very difficult to carry out any real work on so the humble desktop computer remains the main workstation.

Game Console Repairs

The development in Games Consoles has been rapid with the release of the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X Recently. Whilst these are still in their warranty periods we continue to repair the more widely used Playstation 4s and the Xbox One /s /x and  the Nintendo switch which has gone from strength to strength.

Our workshop in St Helens

Our workshop has been built specificaly to repair, Laptops, Computers and Games Consoles and has all the necessary equipment and tools to carry out this work. With workbench space for 10 machines at once we can turn around your repairs fast.

We do not sell parts, components or new Laptops, Computers or Games consoles as we could not compete price wise with the big box retailers however what we can do and our USP is we can repair your machine on site and turn it around very quickly for you. If your repair requires parts then we will discuss your options with you and quote before carrying out any work.

Easy way to get your Laptop, Computer or Console Repaired

Some of our most popular repairs carried out in our St Helens workshop

Laptop screen replacement

Damaged your laptop screen? Same day / next day repairs on both standard and touch screen laptop screens starting from as little as £45. Call now on 01744 601023 for a quote

Laptop power socket repairs

Do you need to wiggle or hold the charging cable in one position to get your laptop working and charging? St Helens PC Doctor can replace your laptop charging socket and prices are fixed at £65

Re-install Windows 10

Is your laptop running slow or do you have a boot problem with it? We can reinstall windows 10 so that your machine is returned back to factory settings and we can backup / restore all your data for you. For more information call us.

Virus / Malware removal

Laptop or computer infected with a Virus or malware? We can resolve quickly even if you have been hacked or scammed. Call St Helens PC Doctor 0n 01744 601023 and we will get you back up and running fast.

Playstation 4 Laser Replacement

If your Playstation 4 has stopped reading game discs or your games are stuttering then the fault is with the laser that reads the discs. We can replace the lasers in all versions of the PS4. Call for prices.

Xbox One not reading games

Just like the PS4 the Xbox one S/X suffer from the laser burning out over prolonged use, we can replace the lasers in all of the  Xbox Consoles and have you back up and running quickly. Please call for prices for your model.

Straight to the point on pricing

The first thing on most peoples minds when looking to have a Laptop, Computer or Games console repaired is “What is it going to cost?” Our pricing is really simple and fair, if the repair takes us less than an hour the cost is £45 and over an hour, no matter how long it takes the cost is £55. If parts are required for the repair then they are quoted on an individual basis. So, for example, a Jackport repair takes over an hour so the charge is £55 plus the cost of parts which for a jack port is £6 – £10

Communication is our secret

We keep in contact with you about your repair far better than ALL of our competitors. No need to call to see where your repair is up to, we have invested heavily in a custom workshop management system that updates you by text message and email automatically at every stage of the repair from booking the machine into letting you know when it is ready to collect and even sending your invoice to you, if you reply to emails then your responses are logged too.

Clarity on turnaround times

We try and make this as simples as possible too. We always look to turn around all repairs within 48 hours of them being dropped off. Repairs may take longer if the machine requires parts and whilst we always look to use companies with the fastest dispatch and delivery times on rare occasions we can overrun the 48 hour repair time due to delivery delays outside of our control. We always keep you fully updated regarding your repair.

Best warranty available

All parts that we use are warranted for 12 months whilst software repairs and virus/malware removal are warranted for 14 days. If a part that we have fitted breaks down within 12 months we will replace it again for you free of charge. Should you find the same software error reported to us before a virus/malware cleanup then we will look at the problem again for you free of charge. The remainder of your warranty stands. Can’t say fairer than that.

Have something you would like repaired?

If you are unsure where to start just click the button, fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can

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As well as St Helens we are local enough to Ecclestone, Huyton, Newton-Le-Willows, Winwick, Croft, Rainhill, Prescott, Whiston, Knowsley, Rainford, Billinge, Haydock and Burtonwood for them to use our same day laptop repair service. As we are located just 5 minutes away from Burtonwood and the M62 junctions 8 and 7 we are also easy to travel to from Liverpool, Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington and manchester.

As well as Laptop repairs and Computer Repairs we also repair Playstation 4 consoles and Xbox one consoles near you.