Annabelle Ransomware is wrecking machines

Normally ransomware is written to garner as much currency (Crypto Usually) as possible however this one it seems has been written to show off it’s creators talents and because of that it is making a right mess of the laptops and computers it encrypts. The ransomware is named after the horror movie franchise of the same name.

The creator has used the kitchen sink of tools that can mess up a computer, this includes terminating numerous security programs, disabling Windows Defender, turning off the firewall, encrypting your files, trying to spread through USB drives, making it so you can’t run a variety of programs, and then to sweeten the pot, it overwrites the master boot record of the infected computer with a silly boot loader.

The malware is written in such a way that once it infects the computer it loads itself into startup so that it starts automatically when the user logs into windows. It kills a variety of programmes that the user may attempt to go into to remove it and then alters registry entries to stop other programmes starting.

Following this it very quickly gets to work encrypting the users files and there is a big list of what it encrypts, 61 file types in total that will include all Image types, all office documents, notepad, PDF and many more.

Finally the computer is rebooted and when it re-starts you will come to a lock screen with a picture of Annabelle a personal ID and instructions for removal

The good news is, that this ransomware is built on Stupid Ransomware which can be encrypted as it uses a static file that has been cracked so we can recover your machine and all of your data, click here to get a quote or call us now on 01925 243249 to book your machine in.

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