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PS4 Repair Haydock

The Playstation 4 (PS4) console has been around for some time now, in fact, the PS5 is now in development and may even be close to release however until then we can repair the 4 different variations of the PS4 and all the errors that they often have.

Our repair workshop in St Helens is only a few minutes from Haydock making it easy for you to drop your Playstation 4 in for repair.

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A customer from Haydock brought in their Playstation 4 because it would not take in-game disc’s, they thought their young son might have put something in the drive and damaged it.

We stripped the machine down to get the drive out and then stripped the drive to find this, the blue roller is in the middle of the drive and the white wishbone should be in between the 2 blue rollers.

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Playstation 4 repairs in St Helens, Merseyside

Our staff offer a comprehensive repair service for PS4 repairs St Helens and Merseyside, we include with every repair a free clean, service and extensive fault testing of consoles. When North West PC Doctors repair Playstation 4 consoles, all repairs are carried out in our workshop in St Helens, your console never leaves us, because of this we offer really fast turnaround times and high standards of repair,

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Playstation 4 laser REPLACEMENT St Helens

A customer recently brought in a PlayStation 4 that would not load disks and needed a PlayStation 4 laser replacement, he could hear the disk drive spinning but the games were not showing on the menu.

On further investigation after testing the drive and all connections, we diagnosed that the laser had failed and what was needed was a PlayStation 4 laser replacement

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