A customer from Haydock brought in their Playstation 4 because it would not take in-game disc’s, they thought their young son might have put something in the drive and damaged it.

We stripped the machine down to get the drive out and then stripped the drive to find this, the blue roller is in the middle of the drive and the white wishbone should be in between the 2 blue rollers.

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Corona Virus update

St Helens PC Doctor remains open and will continue to be for as long as we are allowed and there are no Corona Virus symptoms within our Family.

As a business, we are taking the extra steps necessary to make sure that we don’t catch or spread the virus including cleaning down all the machines that come in with Isopropyl Alcohol, Regular hand washing and the use of Hand Gel to sanitise. All counters and surfaces are also being cleaned regularly.

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St Helens PC Doctor has seen a number of computer or laptops over the last few days that have all been suffering from either failed windows update or problems related to the latest windows update pushed out by Microsoft and since removed from the update schedule.

When your machine fails during an update you are left with 1 or some of the following problems

  • Black screen at boot
  • Diagnosing your Computer message
  • Blue screen error message and re-boot.

Simply from here you can’t go any further and are left with a dilemma about how to get your machine back up and running and concern about the security of your files and personal information.

There are a number of different things that The PC Doctor can do to attempt to repair the computer including removing the failed update, using system restore to go back before the update was installed and finally a re-build.

In the first 2 options, your files and personal information are not moved however if we need to move on to a rebuild then your data is first backed up and then we reinstall windows before replacing your data so that your machine is fully operational with all of your data however you would need to re-install any programmes that you had previously installed.

If you have a Windows 10 update problem with your Laptop or Computer or indeed any other problems then please give us a call on 01744 601023 to discuss getting your machine repaired.

Laptop Repairs St Helens

North West PC Doctors are St Helens highest rated laptop repair specialist according to our Google Reviews!

Based in the Sutton area of St Helens, Merseyside for the last 5 years North West PC Doctors have been supplying the local area with a fantastic laptop repair service, fast efficient, competitive pricing and the best customer service. The local areas that we service are Billinge, Blackbrook, Bold, Earlestown, Ecclestone, Haydock, Moss Bank, Newton, Parm Rainford, Rainhill, Thatto Heath, Central St Helens, West Park and Windle.

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emergency laptop repairs in St Helens, Merseyside

Emergency Laptop Repairs St Helens

North West PC Doctors in St Helens offer emergency laptop repairs for those that need their laptop repairing now. This is a premium service that costs a little extra as it sees us start work on your machine straight away regardless of what we have in the queue awaiting repair.

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Malware removal st helens

What can you see happening with your computer when it has a malware infection.

The amount of time people spend on the internet now makes them an absolute dream for cybercriminals who want to mess with your machine and steal data to access your accounts or worse. Here we detail the symptoms your machine will have if it is suffering from a malware infection.

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laptop motherboard with stethoscope

Repairing your own computer

Computer repair near me | repairing your own computer

To start with before even considering repairing your own computer you are going to need to take on board some knowledge of how a computer works, how the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) interacts with all of the computer’s components, how the windows installation works with the bios and drives each of the computer’s components.

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Playstation 4 laser REPLACEMENT St Helens

A customer recently brought in a PlayStation 4 that would not load disks and needed a PlayStation 4 laser replacement, he could hear the disk drive spinning but the games were not showing on the menu.

On further investigation after testing the drive and all connections, we diagnosed that the laser had failed and what was needed was a PlayStation 4 laser replacement

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