Malware removal st helens

Does your computer have a malware infection

What can you see happening with your computer when it has a malware infection.

The amount of time people spend on the internet now makes them an absolute dream for cybercriminals who want to mess with your machine and steal data to access your accounts or worse. Here we detail the symptoms your machine will have if it is suffering from a malware infection.

Laptop/Computer running slow.

A Malware infection is one of the things that can slow your machine down especially if it starts running slow all of a sudden. If your computer now seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to boot up or clicking on a programme sees it take an age to load then this is a certain sign of a malware infection although similar problems can sometimes also be caused by hardware faults such as a drive failing.


Malware can cause your machine to crash, not necessarily the whole machine but individual programmes all the way to Blue Screens or simple freezing where the cursor stops and the machine will not respond to anything.


Have you all of a sudden got extra toolbars when you open your browser? When you search for something in google do you see loads more adverts? Again these are a sure fire sign that your machine has some kind of Malware Infection.

Fake Antivirus

Do you have antivirus software that you don’t recognise now popping up saying it is running a scan? Maybe you have let it run all the way to the end of the scan and clicked the button to fix problems only to be shown a payment page. Again this is a malware infection.

Regardless of how your machine is infected, our team have the skills and the tools to be able to remove all malware infections and recover your laptop or computer. To get a quote click here. If you have further questions please call us on 01744 601023 or send us an email.

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