emergency laptop repairs in St Helens, Merseyside

Emergency Laptop Repairs St Helens

North West PC Doctors in St Helens offer emergency laptop repairs for those that need their laptop repairing now. This is a premium service that costs a little extra as it sees us start work on your machine straight away regardless of what we have in the queue awaiting repair.

Our Laptop Repair service runs at 98% of repairs completed in 48 hours whilst 65% are completed in 24, with our Emergency repair depending on the issue you could see your machine repaired within the hour although there are no guarantees until we see the machine and asses your individual problem.

Our Emergency Laptop repair is priced at just £60 Plus Parts (Quoted per job) which is the same price as PC Worlds service but they send your machine off to a repair centre and you may not see it again for 7-10 days often longer. With the PC Doctors emergency repair service your machine never leaves our repair shop.

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