PS4 Laser held between thumb and finger

The laser in the PS4 console is a working, moving part and over time they do burn out, the only repair is to replace the laser.

The PlayStation 4 laser sits in a laser deck that also includes the spindle motor on which the disk spins and a worm motor which drives the laser assembly backwards and forwards so that it can read the whole surface of the disk. At North West PC Doctors we replace the whole laser deck rather than just the laser as these motors can also burn out.

Signs that the motor is failing include the PS4 not reading games, disc games freezing or crashing and sometimes you may see various error codes about the disc being dirty, all of these mean that you require a PlayStation 4 Laser replacement

We carry the laser decks in stock and so can have your PS4 repaired the same day/next day depending on when you drop it off.

We constantly check our prices against the other Console Repairers (With shop fronts/workshop facilities) to make sure our pricing is competitive.

We offer fantastic customer service using our CRM System that keeps the communication between ourselves and the customer constant via EMAIL and SMS. Read our reviews to give yourself an idea of what previous customers thought.

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