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HP Laptop Screen Replacement Warrington

A customer recently brought us a newly released HP Laptop that he had bought only a number of weeks ago, he had dropped it and smashed the screen.

This HP LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT, however, is one of the new breed of laptops with a touchscreen (Personally don’t see the point in having a laptop with a touchscreen but that’s just personal opinion) that makes the replacement slightly more awkward.

You see the touchscreen and the LED Display are a single integrated unit in this case that did not matter as both the touch screen and the LED Display were both smashed so we needed the complete unit anyway, in an instance where you have only broken one or the other however it is going to be costly.

These units are not cheap, they are difficult to source and this one cost £195 to buy direct from HP.

When removing you have to be very gentle as the bezel forms part of the touch screen and it is so easy to snap a corner when taking the screen out.

We came across a problem when we fitted this unit, the touchscreen was back to front in that if you touched the top of the screen it was showing as you press at the bottom. We checked all cables to try and resolve to no avail, finally, we resolved the error by replacing the touch screen daughterboard with the one from the original screen and all started working ok. The screen delivered to us was faulty!

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