overheating laptop/pc repairs Warrington



The 3 most common symptoms of an overheating laptop are

  • The bottom of the machine is getting hot to touch.
  • The fan is running at full speed all the time and the laptop still feels warm.
  • Even when the machine feels hot, you never hear the fan.
  • The laptop powers off without warning.

These symptoms are virtually always caused by one of 3 things in our many years of experience.

  • The cooling fan is faulty and does not run.
  • The laptops cooling system is blocked with hair and dust that it has sucked in.
  • The thermal paste between the chip and the heatsink has failed.

The fault could be a single item from above however it could also be a mixture of 2 or all of the above problems. A build-up of dirt in the heatsink fins (pictured above) can block the vents to such an extreme that the blockage can stop the fan spinning. It’s possible as well to have a blocked fan with a machine full of dust and failed thermal compound at the same time.


To repair an overheating laptop properly requires that the machine is stripped down then the heatsink and fan removed from the processor. With the heatsink removed the whole area can be blown out with compressed air to remove all of the dust. With the heatsink removed we use a number of chemicals to remove the old thermal paste from both the heat sink and the chip itself. We then apply a layer of Arctic Silver paste regarded as the best thermal paste you can use before putting your machine back together.

N.B If the fan does not spin up and it is not blocked with dust then we replace that as well.