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You think your laptop has a virus and don’t know where to start to get your laptop virus free and running correctly again? Here at North West PC Doctors, we have a very good reputation for LAPTOP VIRUS REMOVAL in St Helens.

If your laptop is consistently displaying pop-ups or it’s running much slower than it used to, maybe you have all kinds of software running scan’s that you didn’t install, the home page and search options changed in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome or adverts popping up when you hover over links on the web then you need our LAPTOP VIRUS REMOVAL service.


We repair any laptop from any manufacturer and any model. Regardless of what laptop you have, we can carry out a Laptop Virus Removal. Virus Removal Windows 10, Virus Removal windows 8 and Virus Removal windows 7 plus virus removal windows vista are services carried out by North West PC Doctors.

Sometimes your machine will just begin to run very slow, you may get pop-ups whenever you go on the internet via Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. The search in your browser may have changed to something else and you may see lots of extra unusual links when you do search the internet. All of these things are related to a virus or malware infection and you should get your machine looked at.

On top of the above, you may also have  Programmes popping up that you didn’t install scanning your machine and offering to install updated drivers or even offering to remove viruses and malware but they want you to buy the software first. These are all related to a piece of malware or other with the aim to get you to buy something you definitely so not need. This kind of software is known as scareware, do not pay for it as all you do is fund the scammers, paying does not sort out your Laptop virus removal.


The first thing to do is to get your machine to us, we ask customers to bring their machine to us as this keeps our repair prices down. Our workshop has the space to allow us to work on 10 machines simultaneously, sometimes more if all laptops and therefore it makes sense to be working on all the machines at once in the same place. Luckily for you, you can simply drop your machine in Monday - Friday 9.30am to 5pm

Once we have your machine, you will receive an email from our management system that will allow you to view exactly where we are up to and what we are doing with your machine, you can log in to our management system and view the status of your repair from this website keeping you fully informed every step of the repair process.

  • We use over 20 years of experience to work out what is infected and how, then work out a process to remove problem which may use one, more or all of these steps.
  • We use a propriety piece of software to shut down rogue services that stop the machine being scanned.
  • Once we have the machine in a position to be scanned we scan it a number of times using different software to make sure it is 100% infection free.
  • Once free of virus and malware infection we give the machine a good service removing rogue software, making changes to the machines start-up speeds by adjusting which programs run at startup.
  • We use another proprietary piece of software to scan your machine and remove temp files and to clean up the registry of the computer from any remnants of the malware and rogue software.
  • We then clean out the inside of your machines cooling system of dust and other materials that build up and cause your machine to have to work overtime to keep cool.
  • Finally, every machine that we repair is cleaned externally.

Most people think that having Anti-Virus software is enough protection to keep your laptop or computer 100% secure but unfortunately that simply is not TRUE.

Think about it, if a virus is written and published NOW how long do you think it would take for Norton, McAfee, AVG, Avast and all their friends to find out about that virus? A day or two maybe if you are lucky but that’s only to know it exists, they then have to decode it to find out how it works and following that they then have to write the software to find it and remove it from your machine and that’s only once you have updated your AV Software. The whole process can take days if we are lucky and sometimes weeks pushing into months. Because of this it is most important that you practice Safe Internet, don’t download anything unless you are sure of the source and only visit legitimate sites, staying away from free films and music downloads.

Facebook is more and more becoming a source of Laptop virus infections, sponsored ads for games that install malware with the game, links in the newsfeed can also lead to suspect websites.

Also more and more often scammers are using emails from institutions like the police with speeding fine notices or fines from parking companies that get you to click links and download photographic evidence, the download is a virus but you clicked it, the antivirus software only sees a PDF and lets you open it.

You can also install all kinds of unwanted, buggy software that will slow your machine down when installing legitimate software downloaded from the internet or games etc that come bundled with rubbish. Be very careful and read all installers if you don’t want to end up needing a laptop virus removal in St Helens.

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