laptop screen with the windows 10 recovery options on display

Reinstall Windows/Restore to factory settings

Sometimes a laptop or computer is that far gone due to a Windows problem or Virus and malware infection that a reinstallation of Windows is the only viable solution to effectively repair the machine.

In simple terms, a restore to factory settings repair will wipe your machine including all data such as documents, photos, music and video as well as all settings saved passwords and it will revert your machine back to the exact state that it was in when you first turned on the machine from new.

Most laptop and computer repair businesses will have you sign a disclaimer to say it is not their fault if you lose data however that is not The PC Doctors way. Before we do a restore to factory settings on any machine we will always back up the user account folders including Documents, Music, Videos, Photographs and favourites. If you tell us about other data then that can always be backed up as well before we start the restore process. Once the machine is restored we will then copy the data back to the machine for you.

The good thing about our restore to factory service is that it is at a fixed cost of £45 so even if a virus has left your machine in such a state that it’s impossible to resolve the problem we will restore your machine and put your data back for the same price as removing the virus. That’s a win-win situation for you the customer.

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