Playstation 4 laser REPLACEMENT St Helens

Playstation 4 Laser Replacement St Helens

A customer recently brought in a PlayStation 4 that would not load disks and needed a PlayStation 4 laser replacement, he could hear the disk drive spinning but the games were not showing on the menu.

On further investigation after testing the drive and all connections, we diagnosed that the laser had failed and what was needed was a PlayStation 4 laser replacement

A PlayStation 4 laser replacement is not the simplest of jobs, first you have to get into the machine and then take most of it apart to get the drive out, once the drive is out there are some 30 odd different screws and clips that need removing to get the old laser out and then reverse the steps to put it all back together again.

Currently, there are 2 different models of PlayStation 4 laser, however, replacing them both takes exactly the same steps.

Should you have a problem with your PlayStation 4 laser replacement, please call us on 01925 243249

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