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Repairing your own computer

Computer repair near me | repairing your own computer

To start with before even considering repairing your own computer you are going to need to take on board some knowledge of how a computer works, how the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) interacts with all of the computer’s components, how the windows installation works with the bios and drives each of the computer’s components.

Then you need to understand the failure of components and the error messages/problems they can create to understand how you go about troubleshooting your problems to resolve them. Finally, you need to make sure you have the correct software and tools to be able to carry out the repair.

Computer repair problems can be divided into two categories; hardware or software. Software computer problems can cause BSOD’S (Blue Screen of Death) and make other errors appear. Hardware problems can cause a dead system, blank screen or BSOD as well as beeps.

Before attempting to fix your own computer
Repairing your own computer is a process in itself which require knowledge and logic of every component within a computer. With computer troubleshooting, you need to know the boot process as well as the way each computer part interacts with each other. Before you start going in with all the tools you need to have a proper think about if you have done any recent changes in your computer hardware or software. Have you done windows updated before the problem occurred?

Essentials tools to repair your computer
Apart from the obvious reason of saving a lot of money, there is a sense of satisfaction when you’re able to repair and fix your own computer. There are few things you need to start off that are essentials when starting computer repair.

Service manual for your computer
Many people don’t know that on the internet there is a detailed service manual about your computer and you can most likely find it. Service manuals have detailed information about your computer as well as information on how to take it apart, the specifications and part numbers of every component. This is a must-have for computer repair. The only time this isn’t available is when the computer has been custom built.

Computer toolkit
To repair your own computer, you need more than just a screwdriver. Computer toolkits contain tools you don’t have such as, Torx bits or precision screwdrivers. By having these tools, it can make repairing your computer easy and reduce the risk that the computer will get damaged if there are any slip-ups which a standard screwdriver may cause. You will also need an electrostatic wrist strap so that you don’t static shock any components.

Books to help repair your computer
A book we recommend you read is called ‘Computer Troubleshooting book’. This book will help you learn about how computers run. There are various parts which interact with each other and will produce the same symptoms when there is an issue. You will be able to learn about expansion cards, memory and other hardware. We recommend this book because it contains extensive flowcharts which guide you through the process of finding out the problem. Also, this book is not very big which makes it an easy read. Learn more about this book here: Computer Troubleshooting Book

Another book we recommend is called ‘Upgrading and Repairing PCs (19th Edition). This book has it all. It contains all the information you need to upgrade or repair your computer. Find it here: Upgrading and Repairing PCs (19th Edition)

In conclusion with the right knowledge, tools and software you can certainly repair your own computer however if you are unsure of what you are doing or don’t have the correct equipment North West PC Doctors in St Helens can help with all of your computer repairs. Click here to get a quote, call us on 01744 601023 or you can email us for further information.

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