laptop screen replacement st helens

Laptop screen replacement St Helens


The modern laptop screen is ultra thin and very easily damaged but that doesn’t have to signal the end of your laptop as a screen replacement is more often than not cheaper than replacing the machine. Our laptop screen replacement service in St Helens ensures a fast, reliable repair for every make and model of a laptop computer.

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Laptop Repairs St Helens

North West PC Doctors are St Helens highest rated laptop repair specialist according to our Google Reviews!

Based in the Sutton area of St Helens, Merseyside for the last 5 years North West PC Doctors have been supplying the local area with a fantastic laptop repair service, fast efficient, competitive pricing and the best customer service. The local areas that we service are Billinge, Blackbrook, Bold, Earlestown, Ecclestone, Haydock, Moss Bank, Newton, Parm Rainford, Rainhill, Thatto Heath, Central St Helens, West Park and Windle.

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emergency laptop repairs in St Helens, Merseyside

Emergency Laptop Repairs St Helens

North West PC Doctors in St Helens offer emergency laptop repairs for those that need their laptop repairing now. This is a premium service that costs a little extra as it sees us start work on your machine straight away regardless of what we have in the queue awaiting repair.

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HP Laptop repairs St Helens

A customer recently brought us a newly released HP Laptop that he had bought only a number of weeks ago, he had dropped it and smashed the screen.

This HP LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT, however, is one of the new breed of laptops with a touchscreen (Personally don’t see the point in having a laptop with a touchscreen but that’s just personal opinion) that makes the replacement slightly more awkward.

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Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba laptop screen replacement

Toshiba laptop screen replacement Warrington

This time, a customer required a Toshiba Laptop screen replacement after they left a pen on the keyboard and closed the lid causing the screen to Smash.

We carry a lot of Laptop screens in Stock to replace the most common types whilst any others we can order into stock the following day. The prices of screens vary so it is always a good idea to contact us for a quote on your specific machine.

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Laptop screen that has been smashed. Red Acer laptop with the screen bezel removed showing a smashed screen with ink bleed

If your laptop screen has developed a fault and you require a laptop screen repair in Warrington or the surrounding areas then we can help you. Below we have diagnostic information that will help you diagnose the laptop screen repair that you require.

Once you have diagnosed what the fault is with your laptop screen then get in touch with us as we will be able to offer you a solution.

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