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Toshiba laptop screen replacement

Toshiba laptop screen replacement Warrington

This time, a customer required a Toshiba Laptop screen replacement after they left a pen on the keyboard and closed the lid causing the screen to Smash.

We carry a lot of Laptop screens in Stock to replace the most common types whilst any others we can order into stock the following day. The prices of screens vary so it is always a good idea to contact us for a quote on your specific machine.

We had the screen in stock for this TOSHIBA LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT and were able to have the screen replaced and back in the customer’s hands in around half an hour.

This laptop screen is similar to most to replace, bezel off, remove the screws down the hinges, pull the screen cable out and reverse. Whilst that all sounds very simple there are some pitfalls to doing this such as breaking clips and popping fuses especially if the board still has power when you remove the screen cable.

Another LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT carried out by North West PC Doctors for a customer in Warrington.

No matter what laptop you have a problem with and no matter what the problem, The PC Doctor can help. Call us now on 01925 243249 or email [email protected]


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