Windows Vista – End of Life

From 11th April 2017, Windows Vista becomes End-of-life meaning Microsoft will cease all support and security updates.

This does not mean that your computer will stop working however due to Microsoft no longer producing security updates your machine will become more and more vulnerable to Malware and Viruses meaning you are more likely to be caught out by a phishing attack, Ransomware or similar. It also means that new software and hardware may be incompatible with Windows Vista, Google and Adobe stopped supporting windows vista a long time ago


What options do Windows Vista owners have

Windows Vista was released in November 2006 and came pre-installed on machines from then through to the end of 2010 when Windows 7 took over as the pre-installed operating system with most manufacturers, that makes even the latest Windows Vista machine a stunning 17 years old. To be honest, if you are running a machine that old there is little point in trying to upgrade the machine to Windows 7 or Windows 10 as finding all the drivers etc will be very difficult to do. Our recommendation would be to replace your Vista machine with either a new machine or a refurbished one which will come with the latest Windows 10 operating system.

New or Refurbished

Whether you buy a new or refurbished machine is an entirely personal choice, A new machine is exactly what it means a machine brand new from the factory. We have a range of refurbished desktop and laptop computers that have gone through stringent testing, any defective parts are replaced before the machine is fully cleaned and verified to be ready for sale. Buying a refurbished machine can save you a significant amount of money. All of our machines are warranted for 6 months and that warranty can be extended to 12 months for just £20.

The majority of refurbished machines we supply have been taken out of corporate environments where they were leased and are effectively the top end professional laptop and desktop computers.

As the availability of these machines changes frequently. please call us to find out what we have available at the current time.

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