Xbox one laser replacement St Helens

Xbox One laser replacement Warrington

The new Xbox One console made a massive jump in gameplay and graphics capabilities from the now 10-Year-Old Xbox 360 however even with the new design there are still common problems with the Xbox One.

This Xbox came in because it would not read any game discs, you could hear the drive spin up and attempt to read the disc and then stop, this happened no matter what disc you put in. From experience, these are the symptoms of a laser that is not reading correctly.

The drive in the Xbox One is entirely different in both design and size to the 3 incarnations that were in the Xbox 360 Original, Slim and E-slim, those were all very close in design to the cd and DVD drives in a desktop computer whilst the drive in the Xbox one is more closely related to a laptop drive and because of that all the parts are tiny.

To carry out an Xbox One laser replacement you, first of all, have to break your way into the machine which is easier said than done, they certainly aren’t built to be opened easily. Once inside, disconnect and open the drive, remove the tray that holds the worm, spindle motors and the laser.

At this point, you can then remove the laser and reverse the steps to put it all back together again. Some of the ribbon cable connectors can be a little difficult and easily broken so if attempting this yourself be careful.

As well as Xbox One laser replacements, we carry out the same repair on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, for more information or if you have any questions please contact us.

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