Xbox One Repairs St Helens, Widnes, Wigan, Liverpool

Xbox One Repairs Widnes

North West PC Doctors in St Helens, Merseyside are the local Xbox one repairers for Widnes.

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest turnarounds at competitive prices with great customer service. Have a read of our reviews

Since 2000 North West PC Doctors have been repairing the desktop computers of customers in St Helens and the surrounding areas such as Widnes, St Helens, Wigan, Liverpool and Manchester with customers travelling some distance to use our services. We expanded into Laptops and now repair every problem with every make and model of laptop computer down to the motherboard level and we followed that with the introduction of our game console repair service initially repairing Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii Console, they have dried up a little now but we have kept pace and now repair the newer PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which is why you are here.

Our Xbox One repair service.

There are a number of regular faults that customers contact us about with the Xbox One console including both hardware and software errors.

Xbox One Drive Repair Widnes.

The drive in the Xbox One has been completely redesigned to what was in its predecessor the Xbox 360 which had what looked like a computer DVD drive. The new Xbox One drive is smaller, thinner and narrower and is more like a laptop DVD drive in size although it is a Blu Ray drive and not just a DVD. The drive does suffer from some jamming problems where the disk will not eject or cant be inserted. We also see this when younger kids have pushed foreign objects into the drive. Use this link to find out more about Xbox One Drive Repairs

Xbox One Laser Replacement Widnes.

The Laser in the Xbox One is a wearing part and as such, they do wear out. The Laser sits on a deck that also has the spindle motor and worm motor mounted to it. The spindle motor spins the disk and the worm motor has the laser attached to it and drives the laser backwards and forwards across the surface of the disc. As they are both wearing parts we now replace the whole laser deck and not just the laser on its own as that gives the best repair and extends the life of the drive. Use this link to find out more about Xbox One laser replacement

Xbox One Software repairs Widnes.

The Xbox One can also suffer from a number of software errors based around the console update software. We have seen machines turned off during the update that will no longer boot into the dashboard sitting on a green or black screen. There are also issues with the firmware on the machine needing to be replaced restoring the Xbox One to its factory settings. Use this link for Xbox one software repairs

How we can help with your Xbox One repair Widnes.

The team at Warrington PC Doctor can repair your Xbox very quickly, we stock all of the required parts, we constantly price check to make sure we are competitive and offer fantastic customer services even allowing customers to drop off / collect outside of working hours by appointment.

To get started you can ask for a quote or call us on 01744 601023 to ask any further questions. All of our other contact details can be found here

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